Welcome to Santorini! Welcome to paradise!

Santorini is one of the most visited island of Greece and one of the most known in the world. The Black Pearl of the Aegean Sea, for its history and volcanic beaches, is located at the southern part of the Cycladic islands.

At the 76 km2 of the island, mostly covered by its famous ancient vineyards, stay permanently at about 15- 17 thousand inhabitants. Place of the last active volcano of Greece, this island conquers, by the beautiful landscapes, the famous white houses on the top of the cliffs, the blue dome churches and by the deep blue sea. Santorini is the most romantic place in the world and has one of the most fotographed sunsets. The island offers a spectacular and different landscape each 200m walked on the rim of the Caldera. Either on a volcanic beach, in the paradisiac Oia, in the cosmopolitan Fira, or the traditional Pyrgos, all the villages of Santorini are full of traditions and cultures to be enjoyed and explored. The famous Caldera is located on the west coast of the island and it`s from the cliff side that you`ll have the most breathtaking view ever. The Caldera amazes the visitors in a perfect harmony of the nature`s construction (with the volcano on the centre and the rocks of petrified lava) and the human architecture. The Caldera is a geological formation, a volcanic crater full of water and there, you find the others islands that form Santorini: the volcano Nea Kameni (The New Burnt), the island of Palea Kameni (the Old Burnt), the neighbour island of Thirassia and the little Aspronisi (White Island). Santorini is a unique island that goes above and beyond the visible geological show. The Santorini of today, flows hospitality, senses and flavours of the local cusine. The island has an advanced touristic structure, with buses that run the entire island, beautiful hotels, tours and touristic support, in addition to shops, museums, history and incredible myths. Clubs and beach bars increase the romance, guaranteeing that your stay here is unforgetable. And one thing is certain, we will meet again in this beautiful island, exploring the view and the life of Santorini.